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How to cross a bar safely

Even for the most experienced boaties, bar crossings are a high-risk activity. This clip provides information on how to make safer bar crossings.

Crossing the Patea Bar in good conditions

The conditions for this bar crossing were excellent. But even so, the skipper of this vessel still approaches the swell with caution.

A Days Fishing

A glorious day in Patea. This video shows a bit of fishing and some of the facilities such as wash down, clubrooms and the jetty.

Patea bar at low tide

This video shows the issues of trying to cross the Patea bar when the tide is too low. Probbaly some damage to the boat here!

Bar crossings compilation

A video highlighting various bar crossings in New Zealand and Australia when it's gone wrong. Watch and Learn!

Going out over the Patea Bar

Amateur footage of two boats going out over the Patea bar. Two different styles!